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GE 86675

GE 86675 Magnetic HID Ballast Kit, Medium Base Metal Halide Lamp, 119 W, 120/208/240/277 V, 60 Hz, Pulse Start

GE HID Ballast Kit, Magnetic, Medium Base Metal Halide Lamp, 119 W, 120/208/240/277 V, 60 Hz, 1.1/0.6/0.5/0.5 A, Ballast Factor: 1, Pulse Start, -22 to 22 deg F Minimum Starting, Power Factor: >/=90%, 1 Lamp, 4 Inch Length, 2.8 Inch Width, 4 Inch Height, -22 to 221 deg F, Core and Coil, Includes: Capacitor and Igniter

Type      :      Magnetic
Lamp Type      :      Medium Base Metal Halide
Wattage      :      119 W
Voltage Rating      :      120/208/240/277 V, 60 Hz
Amperage Rating      :      1.1/0.6/0.5/0.5 A
Ballast Factor      :      1
Start Type      :      Pulse
Minimum Starting Temperature      :      -22 to 22 deg F
Power Factor      :      >/=90%
Number of Lamps      :      1
Length      :      4 Inch
Width      :      2.8 Inch
Height      :      4 Inch
Temperature Rating      :      -22 to 221 deg F
Enclosure Type      :      Core and Coil
Includes      :      Capacitor and Igniter
Warranty      :      Limited Lifetime

GE Lighting’s high intensity discharge ballasts operate a vast array of high-pressure sodium, quartz metal halide, and ceramic metal halide HID lamps in the market today. HID lamps are similar to fluorescent lamps in that they are gas discharge lamps. The arc tube, made from quartz glass or ceramic materials is located within the ‘jacket’ of the lamp and contains electrodes at either end of the tube. The arc tube generates light when the electrodes at either end of the tube initiate an electrical arc. This excites the pressurized sodium or metal halide gasses causing them to emit light. Like fluorescent lamps, HID lamps require a ballast to operate. The primary role of the ballast is to supply the correct starting and operating voltage to initiate the arc, and to regulate current and voltage to sustain the arc once illuminated. .

  • Magnetic ballast construction IDEAL® for a wide variety of lighting applications
  • Precision-wound aluminum coils, ensuring even heat dissipation and the highest electrical integrity

Standard/Approvals: cUL, UL Listed, ANSI M90/M140

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