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Oatey® 25531

Oatey® Plastic Poxy™ Epoxy Putty, 4 oz Stick, Blue, White, < 0.1% VOC, Mastic, 40 min Drying, Mercaptan/Sulfur

Oatey® Plastic Poxy™ Epoxy Putty, 4 oz, Stick, < 0.1% VOC, Mastic, Blue, White, 40 min Drying, Mercaptan/Sulfur, > 200 deg F Flash, 1.79 Specific Gravity, Applicable Materials: PVC, ABS and CPVC Pipe, 250 deg F

Series      :      Plastic Poxy™
Nominal Capacity      :      4 oz
Packing Type      :      Stick
VOC Content      :      < 0.1%
Form      :      Mastic
Color      :      Blue, White
Drying Time      :      40 min
Odor/Scent      :      Mercaptan/Sulfur
Flash Point      :      > 200 deg F
Specific Gravity      :      1.79
Applicable Materials      :      PVC, ABS and CPVC Pipe
Temperature Range      :      250 deg F

Unique combination of fast acting epoxy resin and hardener in a single, coextruded stick can be used on many plastics. Comes in a single, easy-to-use package. Made of a pre-measured epoxy resin with a rod of hardener imbedded in the center. Contains a fading Blue dye which causes the hardened product to appear off-white when fully mixed. The two-part epoxy compound molds quickly and easily by kneading with the fingers to form a permanent bond in 40 minutes. Adheres to PVC, ABS and CPVC pipe and fittings and many other materials. After curing, it can be drilled, filed, sanded, painted, and machined. Putty-like material can be inserted, shaped, molded, wrapped around or used to build-up or repair rigid plastics. Use to repair, rebuild or attach plastic parts. Can be used on applications subject to temperatures up to 250 deg F for extended periods of time.

  • For most plastics
  • Kneads quickly and easily

Application: Automotive Parts and Fixtures

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