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Siemens EC1GB8

Siemens EC1GB Ground Bar Kit, 8-Terminals, 1/4 Inch Dia, For Use with Type ES and PL Loadcenters

Siemens EC1GB Ground Bar Kit, For Use With: Type ES and PL Loadcenters, 8-Terminals, 1/4 Inch Dia

Series      :      EC1GB
Suitable For Use With      :      Type ES and PL Loadcenters
Specifications      :      8 Terminals, 1/4 Inch Dia

EC1GB series ground bars are intended for use in Siemens ES and PL series of loadcenters with a box height of 18, 21, or 23 Inch. For the ES and PL lines of loadcenters this would include 100 and 125 A loadcenters that are 16 1 Inch circuit spaces or less. The ground bars can be mounted in one-of 4 locations inside the load center: top right, top left, bottom right, and bottom left. Up to 4 ground bars can be added to each loadcenter . PL series loadcenters are already provided with 2 ground bars.

  • Accepts 14 - 4 AWG aluminum conductor
  • 20 TPI UNC-2A hexagonal nut
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