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Siemens Q2020NC

Siemens Series Q Duplex Non-Current Limiting Circuit Breaker, Residential, 120/240 VAC, 20 A, 2 Pole

Siemens Series Q Circuit Breaker, Duplex, Non-Current Limiting, Residential, 120/240 VAC, 20 A, 10 kA Interrupt, Fixed Instantaneous Trip, 2 Pole, Clip-On, 14 - 8 AWG Aluminum/Copper Wire, Lug Terminal, Panel Board Mount, 40 deg C, 3.12 Inch L x 0.5 Inch W x 2.38 Inch D

Type      :      Duplex, Non-Current Limiting
Series      :      Series Q
Commercial/Residential      :      Residential
Voltage Rating      :      120/240 VAC
Amperage Rating      :      20 A
Interrupt Rating      :      10 kA
Trip Type      :      Fixed Instantaneous
Number of Poles      :      2
Connection Type      :      Clip-On
Wire Size      :      14 - 8 AWG Aluminum/Copper
Terminal Type      :      Lug
Mounting Type      :      Panel Board
Temperature Rating      :      40 deg C
Dimensions      :      3.12 Inch L x 0.5 Inch W x 2.38 Inch D

Siemens offers a wide array of thermal magnetic circuit breakers that are the key element for overload and short circuit protection of your home’s electrical system. To provide additional protection Siemens offers circuit breakers to protect against severe electrical shock or electrocution, mitigate the risk of electrical fires and protect against damaging surges and voltage spikes. Circuit breakers are intended for switching and protection of your home's wiring from high temperatures caused by excess current higher than the rating of the wire.

  • Siemens 2 pole duplex circuit breaker features high quality thermal magnetic case for extra protection
  • Listed for frequent SWD (switching duty) rated, 120 volt AC fluorescent lighting

Standard/Approvals: UL Listed, HACR rated

Application: Siemens EQ Load Centers

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