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NDS™ D109-G

NDS™ D109 Valve Box, 6 Inch Dia 8-1/2 Inch W, Round, Green Cover, Polyolefin, 1/8 Inch T, Round, Black

NDS™ D109 Valve Box, 6 Inch Dia, 8-1/2 Inch Width, 1/8 Inch Thickness, Round, Round, Green Cover, Polyolefin, Black

Series      :      D109
Diameter      :      6 Inch
Width      :      8-1/2 Inch
Thickness      :      1/8 Inch
Shape      :      Round
Cover Type      :      Round, Green
Material      :      Polyolefin
Color      :      Black

NDS 6 Inch round valve boxes and covers are injection molded of recycled polyolefin material with a melt index between 10 - 12. Coloring and UV stabilizers are added, along with processing lubricants when needed. The 6 Inch round body shall be tapered and have a minimum wall thickness of 0.13 Inch. The body shall have a double wall at the top cover seat area with a minimum thickness of 1/8 Inch. The bottom of the body shall have a 1/4 Inch flange. The 6 Inch round cover shall have an average thickness of 0.15 Inch.

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