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General Wire VSP

General Pipe Cleaners VersaPlunge™ Toilet Drain Plunger, D-Grip 13-1/2 Inch L Handle

General Pipe Cleaners Toilet Drain Plunger, Series: VersaPlunge™, D-Grip 13-1/2 Inch L Handle, 24 Inch H

Series      :      VersaPlunge™
Specifications      :      D-Grip 13-1/2 Inch L Handle
Dimensions      :      24 Inch H

Traditional plungers that use a hard rubber cup or more modern plungers that use bellows all have the same problem. The rubber cone at the end is round. But the opening in the toilet bowl is usually not round. Toilet openings are a variety of shapes that make it hard to seal off with the traditional plunger. As a result, you get splash back - the bathroom becomes a mess, and worst of all, you get wet.

  • Patented VersaFlange easily forms a tight seal in virtually any drain opening to prevent splash back
  • Roll up the end of the VersaFlange to make a flat bottom to clear sinks and other drain openings
  • Super compressible accordion style bellows makes it easier to apply extra force to clear the stoppage
  • Built-in relief valve in the handle lets you easily purge the air from the device before thrusting and prevent splashback
  • Easy grip handle gives you more control and is a lot easier to use than the broom handle found on traditional plungers

Application: For drains and toilets applications

  • pdfSpecification Sheet

    • Kissler 57-1005
    • Kissler 57-1005 Professional Toilet Plunger

    • CPEPN: 57-1005
    • MPN: 57-1005
    • American Formula 250330
    • Endure 64oz bottle Septic Cleaner. Discount pricing available on case quantity purchases. 4 ...

    • CPEPN: 250330
    • MPN: 250330