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DAVEY BT20-40 Booster Main Boosting Pump, 20 gpm, 1 Inch FNPT Inlet x 1 Inch MNPT Outlet, 76 psi Maximum Head, 4.7 A Contact us for Discounted Pricing

  • Manufacturers: DAVEY
  • Brand Name: DAVEY
  • CPEPN: BT20-40
  • MPN: BT20-40
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The DAVEY BT booster pressure system consists of a robust centrifugal pump fitted with the intelligent Davey Torrium2 water pressure controller to deliver boosted water pressure to your home or other application. Consumers can enjoy strong and seemingly constant water pressure due to Torrium2's constant flow operation. Due to large water pathways, TorriumĀ®2 operates with a lower head loss than comparable water pressure controllers to provide superior hydraulic performance with less wasted energy.

DAVEY Main Boosting Pump, Series: Booster, 20 gpm, 1 Inch FNPT Inlet, 1 Inch MNPT Outlet, 76 psi Maximum Head, 25 ft Maximum Suction Lift, 0.92 kW Output, 1.1 kW Input, 220 to 240 VAC, 4.7 A, 60 Hz, 40 psi Maximum, 6 ft Power Cord, 116 psi Case, 304 Stainless Steel Impeller, 130 deg F, IP55, 304 Stainless Steel, 17.4 Inch W, Includes: Wrench

Series      :      Booster
Flow Rate      :      20 gpm
Inlet Size      :      1 Inch FNPT
Outlet Size      :      1 Inch MNPT
Maximum Head      :      76 psi
Maximum Suction Lift      :      25 ft
Power Rating      :      0.92 kW Output, 1.1 kW Input
Voltage Rating      :      220 to 240 VAC
Amperage Rating      :      4.7 A
Frequency Rating      :      60 Hz
Maximum Pressure      :      40 psi
Cord Type      :      6 ft Power
Case Pressure Rating      :      116 psi
Impeller Type      :      304 Stainless Steel
Temperature Rating      :      130 deg F
Enclosure Type      :      IP55
Material      :      304 Stainless Steel
Dimensions      :      17.4 Inch W
Includes      :      Wrench
  • Pressure boosting - Torrium2 boosts low or fluctuating mains water pressure to give you strong, even water pressure for your comfort and convenience
  • Constant flow and even water pressure - to prevent annoying fluctuations in water temperature during showers, Torrium2 uses its intelligence to provide households with constant flow to provide even water pressure
  • Quick cut-in for even pressure - to give you strong pressure right from the start, Torrium2 is designed to cut in quickly when it senses demand for water
  • Adaptive starting - Torrium2 is smart enough to detect the difference between normal water demand and a small leak in the system, such as a dripping faucet or a leaking cistern
  • Easy status check - To easily check the system status, Torrium2 has three simple LED indicators
  • Greater hydraulic performance - to provide more pressure while using less energy, Torrium2 has been designed with larger water pathways to provide low head loss, offering superior hydraulic performance than comparable water pressure controllers
  • Greater reliability - to diminish the likelihood of blockages, Torrium2 is designed with no moving control parts within the water pathways giving greater reliability and performance with varying water quality
  • Dry run protection and auto restart - to protect the pump from damage due to dry running, Torrium2 stops the pump when it detects a loss of prime (no water supply) situation
  • Pump protection-high water temperature cut out - for added security and longer life, a water over-temperature cut-out provides a second level of protection against closed head operation and repetitive cycling
  • Pump protection-excessive electrical current - To protect the pump motor, Torrium2 will shut the pump down and indicate a fault if it detects excessive electrical current being drawn
  • Corrosion and scale resistance - to allow Torrium2 to be used with water of varying quality, its flow sensors are mounted on a high grade stainless steel plate with special anti-scaling electronic action, which only turns the flow sensors on during pump operation
  • Extra draw off capacity - To accommodate small leaks and to reduce cycling, Torrium2 has an in-built spring loaded accumulator for extra draw off capacity
  • Power surge protection for Torrium2 - To protect the Torrium2 controller from electrical surges and spikes, thus extending its life, it incorporates a metal oxide varistor (MOV)
  • For ease of installation, the outlet plumbing can be connected to either the vertical or the right angle discharge outlet, which can rotate a full 360 deg
  • 100 psi maximum system pressure
  • Class F insulation
  • PSC start
  • 158 deg F maximum liquid temperature
  • Teflon neckrings
  • Glass filled nylon Torrium2 body
  • pdfInstallation Sheet
  • pdfSpecification Sheet